Pataya Food Industries Limited


PFG - Pataya Food Group is a leading food manufacturer and distributor in Thailand. Pataya Food Industries Ltd. was established in 1979. From the beginning, the company has acted on the belief that "consistent quality assures success". With the help of experts from countries such as Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, Pataya Food has developed a system of Total Quality Control (TQC), which can be seen at every stage of the production process.

This strong commitment to quality resulted in many awards for product quality conferred on Pataya Food Industries Ltd. Our quality food products are essential parts of our determined presentation to bring about good health and decent quality of life. Apart from brands such as Nautilus, Sea Crown, Mongkut Talay and Regalos, its OEM business has also established itself as supplying best-quality products. With its brand essence, PFG - Pataya Food Group marks its determination to ‘Enrich People’s Life’.

Pataya Food Group
Management Team

With extensive experiences in the seafood industry, PFG - Pataya Food Group management operated with commitment on product quality to truly “Enrich People’s Life”.

Somboon Chi (2nd from the right)

Wichai Karanapakorn (far left)
Chief Executive Officer -
Nautilus Food Group and Pataya Food Industries Limited

Vichit Anathep (far right)
Managing Director - Pataya Food Industries Limited

Sudatip Kiatsrichart (2nd from the left)
Managing Director - TTT Holding Limited

Pariti Kiatsrichart (middle)
Managing Director - Nautilus Food Group


Extend corporate growth of quality products through our global links that serve consumer's health & wellness of all lifestyles with environmental friendly of sustainable growth


Excellent in delivering quality and innovative products to enrich people's life






Values of Work
Conducting business is our wholehearted determination with state-of-the-art innovation and environment preservation. This has brought us credibility and trust from our customers since we have operated the business.

Certificates / Awards

With commitment and improvement throughout 40 years of its operations, PFG - Pataya Food Group has been acknowledged on its international standard from accredited institutes both locally and internationally such as GMP , HACCP , BRC , IFS , ISO 22000 , ISO 9001 , Orthodox Union, MSC and Halal as an assurance on PFG - Pataya Food Group’s commitment to quality