Life & Learning

We consider our team member of more than 4,000 employees to be our great asset. Each one of our employees is motivated to take initiative and be innovative. In doing so, we make sure that there are always clear and room for growth.


PFG - Pataya Food Group has long been supportive and promoting an amity and joyful atmosphere in work place in order to build up a bonding and affection of PFG workers to the corporates through various activities such as outing program, annual trip, happy birthday activity, new year party, happy children day, and any other activities including PFG Vitality Clubs. This club is governed by PFG workers in a form of committee that can initiate, operate, and make progress of its own activities and also be funded and counseled by the executives of the company. This program has enormously inspired and motivated PFG people to manage their Club to succeed sustainably, and it is composed of PFG Football Club,

Learning & Development

Promoting the atmosphere of learning organization is always one of the corporates’ visions. PFG - Pataya Food Group prioritizes and determines to encourage a life-long learning and people self-improving traits in all levels of its personnel. The company has designed and created numerous tools and processes to make an impact on PFG workers’ learning and self-improving in both managerial and technical competencies to benefit their career growths effectively in the future.

Moreover, the company prioritizes the importance of how to communicate effectively within the corporates. Mutual Communication is one of a key success in any effective organization. Our employees are clearly and regularly informed of the corporates’ policies, strategies, objectives, and performances through different channels of communications. A Town Hall meeting keeps everyone update on what has been done. Town Hall meeting the company’s recognition of transparency and credibility of good governance in all levels within the organization.