Our high quality mackerel and sardine products are made from responsibly wild-caught raw material in the abundant source of tropical Pacific Ocean. “Decapterus Maruadsi" for mackerel and "Sardinella sp."

in case of sardine are major species we opt for. Both fishes are known as good source of omega-3 and rich of calcium when whole fish is consumed. Only fresh and top quality raw material will be selected, hand-trimmed neatly piece by piece and then packed into the can by our hygienic facilities. We are able to offer various can size with certified BPA-NI, easy-open lid, be it small jitney can or aluminum club can up to 15 oz. tin that is suitable for food service. Our products have been trusted by our customers worldwide as we usually ship them to several markets across the globe from Asia, Australia, USA, Central America, Caribbean islands.




Round Can

Tall Can

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